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 A "Black Swan" Exclusive

   Work Anywhere, Build Everywhere

   A Legacy Company is Born

Thank you for connecting with us today. Your personal success profile matches qualifying criteria that is valuable to our leadership team. Ultimately, we have a position for you, one that can be both highly lucrative and personally rewarding.

It is no secret that 99% of the world’s currency is owned by 1% of the world’s population and they control the game. What if there was a group of 1% men and woman on 3 continents who were playing their own game.  Pay attention! The last time they played they created over 80 millionaires. A power team with their own set of rules. 

First rule. They verify without a doubt a 'black swan"; A company that moves into position and takes market share while everyone else is sleeping. Rule 2. They all jump in the vehicle. Rule 3. Drive it to a Billion and capitalize on the growth. We have attracted top executives, celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs across the globe.

We are the Q Power Team

Q Power Team is one of the fastest growing organizations in the Industry. Launching USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Our top leaders helped drive this company to a 100million in the past 2yrs, experts predict going to a Billion in the next 48 months.


Our Rapid Success Worldwide is the direct result of leading an unstoppable movement. We are empowered to help others feel alive and have proven entrepreneurs can change the world. 

It is our objective to maximize return on time invested and capture a substantial global market share. We act with extreme urgency. During hyper-growth opportunities, we can’t afford any amount of wasted or unproductive time.

The Q Power Team acceleration systems drive productivity. We hold Victory Now because we have a proven formula for success. Our content and communication channels are designed for Rapid Information exchange and Viral Duplication.

An Investment in tomorrow's leaders today…

Ask yourself, how did a 100 year old company like Kodak worth 28 Billion Dollars and 140,000 employees go bankrupt. Instagram took over the Industry with only 16ppl. Today you evolve or fade. Everybody knows it but no one is doing it.

Q Power Team members have the freedom to work anywhere and build opportunities everywhere. For the first time in history the entire human race is universally connected on the same communication network.

It began 4 years ago when 5 Powerhouse Leaders sat down to lead the helm and launch a global distribution channel for Natural Product Breakthroughs. They are momentum drivers, taking companies from start-up to billion dollar status. There have only been 14 companies to reach a Billion dollars in our Industry, these guys ran 3 of them.

Our CEO ran the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, McKesson corp. Today a Fortune 500, 122 Billion Annual Giant. He then became the CEO of Nature’s Way and turned them into the second largest Natural Product Company in the World.

A Vision was Born

Bring the 2 worlds together! Pharmaceutical grade Nutraceutical.  An idea so revolutionary it would transform an Industry. Imagine natural product breakthroughs for anxiety, depression, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and sleep deprivation. To look and feel 10 yrs.’younger.   

Imagine a test strip that can indicate insufficient levels in your body. A Nobel Prize winning breakthrough that you put on your tongue, maintaining healthy blood pressure. All Natural with the same science as a drug without the side effects. See the Ripple effect about to occur.


Get Ready. Your Journey Begins...