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Good Morning America (2 min)

Good Morning America

Genetically predict how your skin would age in the next 10, 20 even 30 years. To look into your skins future and reverse what could potentially happen.

The Doctors (3min)

The Doctors

Dr. Harper unlocks the key to your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses that lies deep within your DNA.

DNA Skinshift

DNA Skinshift

Is your skins genes prone to wrinkling, sagging, acne, rosacea, ageing or poor healing. Look 10-15 years younger without surgery.

The Opportunity       The Opportunity...

A Black Swan (8 min)

1 black swan

"Black Swan" A company that moves into position and takes market share while everyone is sleeping."

Power Team (9 min)

2 qpowerteam

Elite group of Entrepreneurs that created 80 millionaires come out of retirement.

Timing (3 min)

3 timing

Positioning ahead of momentum. Where you could have 10-20 times your income a month.

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Don Brindley, Former CEO of Merrill Lynch

4 Don Brindly Audio File Image

"Although I am making a fortune doing this, I would give all the money back. These products gave me my health back. It got me off 4 shots of insulin, blood pressure and cholesterol meds."

Dr. Jeffery Lord, Bariatric Surgery

5 new white dr jeffrey lord

 “…in fact I put all my patients on it…there virtually isn’t any drug that is more effective on the market."

Natural Product Breakthroughs

6 new white dr donald layman

Scientists systemizing and organizing health and wellness with Natural Product Breakthroughs.

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The World is Connected (2 min)

7 the world is connected

Rapid information for first time in history makes it possible for the entire human race to be universally connected on the same network.

Creating a Ripple Effect (2 min)

8 creating a ripple effect

Reaching an audience has been replaced. With over 6 Billion cell phone users on the planet. It begins with one person, creating a ripple.

Getting Started (1 min)

9 new getting started

Have the freedom to work anywhere & build everywhere. Live life looking and feeling 10 years younger with health, happiness and prosperity.